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Dried Orange Wreath

I found a grapevine wreath in my basement while organizing and cleaning up the house and the wheels began to turn! I love having a wreath on my range hood and wanted something simple for winter time.

Cue the leftover dried orange slices, star anise and dried pine I had. I like the idea of having a spice wreath in the kitchen and the combo smells amazing!

Here’s so helpful tips when making this wreath!

  • I like to use fresh pine whenever I can (considering I’m surrounded by pine trees in Wyoming, it’s pretty fitting!) dried pine can be finicky and I have found if you cut the limbs and hang upside down for a bit, it will dry and then I run my fingers downward on the limbs to get off any loose needles.
  • Find your pattern! Put all your pieces on the wreath first before glueing to make sure it looks good. I’m glad I did this as I switched from the eucalyptus to the pine. I love eucalyptus but the pine was more fitting for my winter theme.


  • Grapevine Wreath (I used a 12 inch)
  • Dried oranges (I do enjoy dehydrating my own when I have time, but Amazon carries a great brand!)
  • Star Anise (find them here on Amazon)
  • Dried/ faux pine stems or dried/ faux eucalyptus
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. I started by placing my pine in the grooves of the grapevine. I made sure they were tightly secure and didn’t glue them as I plan to remove them and stick some summer herbs in the wreath at a later time (do you see where I’m going with this?!)
  2. I glued my pine cones on and together since they are heavy.
  3. Next was the fun part! I glued the orange slices in a single layer then when back through and added smaller orange slices to make it look full and fill in gaps.
  4. Lastly was adding the star anise which I just randomly placed to give a natural look.
  5. It’s done! And all it took was stumbling upon a wreath in my basement, gathering a few supplies around the house and having a new wreath!

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