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My Trip To Lancaster

  1. candisam1 says:

    Never been there but now I want to visit!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m from Hershey! My husband is from Lancaster county (went to Hempfield! Know all the locations you stated!!!

  3. Tracy L Thomas says:

    Interesting to learn you are from PA, I am also! I grew up in Kennett Square, southeastern PA, southwest of Philadelphia. I now live in Delaware, I didn’t go far. Lancaster is one of the most scenic areas around! I really don’t enjoy the horse and buggies anymore, too much traffic, and most farmers don’t use them the right way. I understand it is the Amish way of life but the area is too congested now.

    I have never been to WY, but it is certainly beautiful from pictures.

    Happy Day to you!!!

  4. Katelyn says:

    I love Rachel’s Creperie! I have lived in Lancaster my whole life. It truly is the best place on earth!

  5. Just recently found you on Instagram. My family is from Lancaster. I lived in Ephrata when I was young. I have aunts and uncles still in the area. I loved these recipes and I had to laugh because we actually order Lebanon Bologna in bulk because we love and miss it and they don’t have it here in Georgia.

  6. Love Lebanon Bologna. Had to laugh because
    we order it in bulk because they don’t have it here in GA. My family is from the Lancaster area. I lived in Ephrata as a child. I just recently found you and should have known you were from that area. 🙂

  7. Susan says:

    I grew up in DE and we used to visit Lancaster frequent. We used to camp there. Loved the fall weather, the beautiful countryside, all of the huge farms, and obviously the food. When I had a family would take our daughter to the train in Strasburg and to Dutch Wonderful. Such great memories from many many years ago. I really miss the shoo-fly pie!

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