My Trip To Lancaster

I get asked a lot what brought me to Wyoming as there are many who think I’m native to the Cowboy State but really, my hometown is Lancaster, PA! My husbands love for Wyoming is what brought me there and quite frankly, I fell in love with the state as well, but there is nothing quite like going back to my first roots.

I was so excited to get home and spend time with my family and friends! Below are my favorite places!

* Me and My Mama 💗

If you’ve never been to Lancaster, Pa it’s often referred to as “Amish Country” with its amazing lush landscapes, corn fields, beautiful farmhouses and barns and the feel of comfort with how old fashioned the County truly is. If you take the the main roads you’ll see beautiful views but I always recommend taking a back road and see where you’ll end up. You won’t be disappointed with the little roadside stands along the way that have unique vegetables, fresh cut flowers, or in the fall some fresh cider to compliment the stacked pumpkins, dried corn stalks and Indian corn.

This little stand is right on Route 625 South near Shady Maple and is one you’ll want to visit! The Mennonite family that own it keep it super old fashioned and even include a money box for you to drop your money into to pay for your items.

Village Market which is located in Ephrata, Pa, is one of my favorite little markets to visit! They have the freshest baked goods, prepared meals, old fashioned iced coffee and the cutest nursery filled with gorgeous flowers. While you’re in Ephrata, head to the Green Dragon! It is a large farmers market with tons of great food stands, everyday essential stands and souvenirs! The Green Dragon is only open on Fridays!

Some of my favorite places to shop are right in the heart of Lancaster. Take a cruise through Bird In Hand and check out their restaurant and bakery, it’s some of the best food I’ve ever had and have been going to the restaurant since I was a baby!

Stop in at Kitchen Kettle which is located in Ronks, PA and then head over to say hello to my friend Anita at Kings Homestead for beautiful farmhouse decor!

Cocalico Creek is another one of my favorite stores for farmhouse decor and they are located on Lincoln Highway. The have another store in Reamstown, Pa which is the little town I grew up in! While you’re there grab some hot cinnamon rose hip, potpourri! It’s the best!

Head downtown to the one of the oldest Markets that’s placed in a beautiful brick building, The Lancaster Market. While you’re there grab a smoothie, some fresh grown flowers and visit my friends over at The Herb Shop to grab loose teas, spices, herbs and fresh dried pasta. There are some wonderful shops even around the market to visit!

Let’s move onto food.. because I mean.. we all know I wasn’t going to leave that out!

Here’s a list of my favorite spots!

  • Tomato Pie Cafe
  • Lancaster Brewing Company
  • Springhouse Taproom
  • Cafe 18
  • Fox Creamery
  • The Horse Inn
  • Passenger Coffee
  • The Bakers Table

There’s so many more but these are my favorites!

Leave me a comment of your favorite places in Lancaster!

13 thoughts on “My Trip To Lancaster”

  1. Just recently found you on Instagram. My family is from Lancaster. I lived in Ephrata when I was young. I have aunts and uncles still in the area. I loved these recipes and I had to laugh because we actually order Lebanon Bologna in bulk because we love and miss it and they don’t have it here in Georgia.


  2. I grew up in DE and we used to visit Lancaster frequent. We used to camp there. Loved the fall weather, the beautiful countryside, all of the huge farms, and obviously the food. When I had a family would take our daughter to the train in Strasburg and to Dutch Wonderful. Such great memories from many many years ago. I really miss the shoo-fly pie!


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