Eat till it hurts

Matcha Latte

I first had a matcha latte when I was in college and wondered where in the heck this drink had been all my life! If you’ve never tasted matcha, I would describe it as a creamy nutty taste. I love it iced or hot and I’m sharing both ways with you!

Let’s get started!


  • 2T matcha (I buy mine from The Herb Shop)
  • 1 C milk or non-dairy (almond or coconut)
  • 1T honey
  • frother (I linked one here!)

Directions for Iced

  1. Grab your favorite glass and pour in milk/ non-dairy, honey and matcha.
  2. Froth it up! Make sure to froth long enough to get the lumps out! Matcha tends to clump up.
  3. Add ice and a straw, prop those feet up and enjoy!

Directions for hot

  1. In a pot add in honey and milk/ non-dairy. Let heat well (do not let boil!)
  2. Add in the matcha and froth.
  3. Pour in favorite mug!

Notes: Need it more sweet?! Add in vanilla syrup or liquid stevia!

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